Charlie Kirk: “If you're a Christian” or a “gun owner, they consider you a terrorist”

Kirk: “Who are the terrorists? You are”

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Citation From the September 11, 2023, edition of Salem Media Group's The Charlie Kirk Show 

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): After 9/11, we created a vast and sweeping surveillance state that has been turned against regular Americans. So we gave all of this power to the federal government to go after terrorists, who are the terrorists today? The terrorists are not jihadists, it's conservatives.


A hundred and seventy thousand shock troops. Not to go after cartel members coming into America, not to go after jihadists, now it's two hundred sixty thousand, by the way, that Republican George W. Bush started to after people that go to Latin mass, to go after moms and dads to go at school boards. We create this leviathan under going after terrorists, but just imagine, who are the terrorists? You are. If you're a Christian, they consider you a terrorist. If you're a gun owner, they consider you a terrorist.