Charlie Kirk: “If you profaned the trans flag” you will “go to jail”

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Citation From an August 2, 2023, livestream of Turning Point USA Faith's Freedom Night in America

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): How about the distinction between holy and profane? This is really where the book of Leviticus, I think the best lesson can be told, that there must be distinctions between things that we deem holy. Think about how many things in society that used to be holy that aren't, the American flag being one of them. Used to be where you wouldn't even dare think about burning a flag, putting it on the ground, now you just see it kind of cast aside. The new holy object is the trans flag and you can't profane that. What would happen if you profaned the trans flag, James? You go to jail. 

JAMES LINDSAY (GUEST): In some countries you will.

KIRK: Hate crime.

LINDSAY: Hate crime.

KIRK: Every society needs something holy and the holy and the ethical are directly tied together and I'll prove it to you. Leviticus has all these rules, you're like goodness, what the priests wear, what you eat, and shellfish, and then boom. Out of nowhere. Leviticus 19, love your neighbor as you love yourself. How many Christians know that when Jesus said all the laws of the prophet hang upon these two things, love your God with all your soul, strength, and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself. Because the holy and the ethical are directly related. If you do not have the holy, you cannot have the ethical.