Charlie Kirk: “I talked to the president over the weekend encouraging him to choose J.D. Vance”

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Citation From the July 9, 2024, edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on Rumble 

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): Nothing is over, first of all. CNN is — they're ahead of themselves. The only thing that we have to — well, the thing we have to emphasize is how many voters are we registering, how many ballots are we chasing, and are we able to dominate in voting month.

Election day is the last day of voting. Election day is the last day of voting. The Democrats have run up the score in 40 days before election day. We are gonna do our part to try to close that gap.

And the candidate that we believe that can be the most helpful, the vice presidential candidate, in addition to Trump, is, of course, J.D. Vance. There's so — by the way, there's so much Biden news that we're gonna cover next hour. We have intentionally kind of skirted — we have so much other news. We did Europe. We did Nebraska, but I gotta cover this J.D. Vance story.

By the way, the betting markets, let's see where we're at today. I love the betting markets. They tend to be more accurate than polls, actually. It — and why is that? Because there's actual skin in the game. There's money involved, and a lot of insiders sometimes will place bets there. J.D. Vance is now the front-runner in the betting markets to become Donald Trump's vice president. J.D. Vance was not the front-runner day before yesterday, and all of a sudden he shot up in the betting markets to become Trump's vice president. Maybe someone is placing bets on the predicted markets that know something that we don't know. When I say we don't know, I have no inside information about this. None. None.

I hope it's J.D. Vance. I talked to the president over the weekend encouraging him to choose J.D. Vance.


If Donald Trump chooses J.D. Vance, unlike Mike Pence, who assembled the entire national security team to try to prevent Donald Trump from ending the Afghan war — true story — Mike Pence would always be backchanneling to the intel agencies while Donald Trump was doing his work. J.D. Vance would be a one-two combo. He would be a two to the one. The movement would continue in harmony. He's the only vice president of the finalists who's actually MAGA populist nationalist, not a more corporate chamber of commerce mold. And again, nothing against that. There's a place for that. But J.D. Vance is a MAGA-ite. You can't backdoor me to the vice president anymore because he has the same worldview as Trump. He is the leader in the VP betting markets. Sure hope he ends up being vice president.