Charlie Kirk: Hunter Biden indictment “is a deep state signal to Joe Biden” to not run for president

Kirk: “It's all orchestrated. They're making a move. They are making a move to try and remove Joe Biden.”

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Citation From the September 14, 2023, edition of Salem Media Group's The Charlie Kirk Show

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): So, since things have not been according to plan, and we laid that out, I think rather comprehensively yesterday, more so than any other program, one by one by one by one because they plan everything. It should, all of a sudden, connect the dot of the news that came out today. Remember, we said that the Democrats don't care about candidate quality, but their machinery has limits.

So, their machine can give them a 3 to 5 point boost in some of these states, easily. Ballot chasing – it can't give them a 10 to 15% boost. That is not possible. And then yesterday, you had the warning shots, Washington Post and New York Times. Washington Post says that Joe Biden should not run for re-election.

So we diagnose this all together, they're seeing what we've been seeing for a couple of months, that things are not going according to plan, and now, post-Labor Day, they're heading into this very troubling cycle where they're like we better make a decision, either we are riding the Joe Biden thing or not. Either we're going all in, and they are worried, there is risk, there is concern that running Joe Biden is not going to go well. And we're supposed to believe just by a happenstance of coincidence Hunter Biden is indicted today. 

You have David Ignatius, Washington Post, New York Times, coming out, everyone talking about how unpopular Joe Biden is, and then poof, out of left field, Hunter Biden getting indicted today, of course not. It's all orchestrated. They're making a move. They are making a move to try and remove Joe Biden.

Somebody is calling plays to try to tell Joe Biden to get out of the way. 

And the deep state regime, which is very worried that Donald Trump could get back into the presidency, could sneak back into the presidency, extremely worried. They're saying we can't run this guy. So, today, Hunter Biden indicted on federal gun charges. This is not about Hunter Biden and gun charges. This is a warning shot, is what this is. This is a deep state signal to Joe Biden saying, you got to get out of the way.