Charlie Kirk hosts white nationalist-approved “Students for Ye” organizer to complain about “white genocidal rhetoric”

The Charlie Kirk Show is produced by a former Fox writer who pushed white supremacist content on Tucker Carlson's show

During the July 27 edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, Kirk hosted right-wing writer and student organizer Daniel Schmidt to complain about “white genocidal rhetoric." In the past, Schmidt has made antisemitic comments on Twitter (now called X) and has been applauded by notorious white nationalists for pushing extremist rhetoric. 

Schmidt is a University of Chicago student who gained media attention in 2022 for launching an online campaign targeting a professor who was planning to teach a class titled “The Problem of Whiteness” at the university. The professor reportedly received violent threats following Schmidt’s crusade to get the class removed from the course offerings. 

During the interview on Kirk’s program, Schmidt discussed the backlash he received from the Fox News hits that he did earlier this month. Schmidt said that Fox removed interviews with him from its YouTube channel in the weeks following his interviews. 

Schmidt said, “We are entering straight up anti-white genocidal rhetoric” during one of his Fox interviews. 

During his conversation with Kirk, Schmidt also complained that “white people are not expected to speak up for white people” and that there is “pure racial hatred toward white people, and it’s everywhere.”

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Citation From the July 27, 2023, edition of Real America's Voice's The Charlie Kirk Show

Later in the interview, Schmidt complained about “white genocidal rhetoric.”

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Citation From the July 27, 2023, edition of Real America's Voice's The Charlie Kirk Show

Schmidt formerly organizedStudents for Ye,” a grassroots group created to support rapper Ye’s (formerly Kanye West) potential campaign for president following the musician's unhinged pro-Nazi rants during which he denied the Holocaust and praised Nazis and Adolf Hitler.

Schmidt has also made antisemitic remarks on Twitter. Additionally, white supremacist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes has repeatedly applauded Schmidt for his far-right commentary, describing him as a “patriot.” Other white nationalists, including Kevin MacDonald and Peter Brimelow, have praised Schmidt's activism.

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Last month, Media Matters learned that former Fox News writer Blake Neff, who helped push white nationalist content on former Fox host Tucker Carlson’s show, is Kirk’s new radio producer.