Charlie Kirk: “By historical standards, this is not a pandemic”

Kirk: “We actually are living a really really good life”

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Citation From the August 31, 2020, edition of PodcastOne's The Charlie Kirk Show

CHARLIE KIRK (GUEST): We're living in the most peaceful time in human history. I know that we see nothing but riots, and arson, all of this. We're actually -- we have no major world wars going on, no major famines. We do have a pandemic but by historical standards this is not a pandemic. Meaning, like, historically -- no it is. I'm just talking -- 


KIRK: It's a pandemic in relative terms. I'm not discounting that. But, just go look at the 1919 pandemic that came to our country. It had a mortality rate of 15%. Right? Go back to the Bubonic Plague where half the European population got wiped out. Right? So by historical standards we actually are living a really really good life.