Charlie Kirk: “Haiti is legitimately infested with demonic voodoo” that allows practitioners to do “quasi-levitation stuff”

Kirk: “When Andrew was in Haiti, there were common stories about people turning into cats at night, which I don't know. They all knew someone that turned into cats.”

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Citation From the March 21, 2024 edition of Thoughtcrime, streamed on Rumble

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): It's important to note that Haiti is legitimately infested with demonic voodoo. 


JACK POSOBIEC (CO-HOST): Well, so, voodoo, you know, it's really where -- Haiti is where voodoo comes from in the Western hemisphere. So it's brought from a lot of much more ancient tribal African practices that were brought along. You know, again, you know, force -- forcefully brought to the Caribbean. But it really was Haiti where voodoo made itself, you know, planted its flag in the Western world, in the Western hemisphere. You see this spread throughout the other islands. You see, you know, these types of practices, and a lot of, like, blending of West African traditions with Christianity and Catholicism. Again, Spanish, French empires, UK Catholicism there. And they come up with these very bizarre, very dark, demonic occult practices that are going on, in many cases completely subverting Christianity and Christian symbols for use in these practices. And so, you'll have cases where, you know, the killing and the ritual killing and the ritual -- and ingestion of flesh, let's just say it, ingestion of flesh, is done as part of these rituals. In fact, during the slave revolt, or one of the early revolts going on back in 1804, one of the -- one of the leaders of this was actually -- was himself a shaman of sorts, a witchcraft shaman of sorts, and was -- they would sacrifice animals, pass around the cup of blood for everyone to take part in to kind of give them the blood rage, and then they would go off and start killing all of the plantation owners.


KIRK: I don't know if it's fixable. And the reason is that I think -- first of all, I think part of the country is literally under a spiritual oppression. I've talked to missionaries and missionaries that have gone there, and they say they've seen the darkest stuff that a human being can see. In fact, I know people that have come -- that went to Haiti passively as, like, agnostic atheists, and they came back searching for Jesus because they saw, like, legit demonic activity.

BLAKE NEFF (CO-HOST): Well, do you -- did -- did they say any more?

KIRK: Yeah. There was one guy who saw somebody who literally didn't sleep for two weeks and would just, like, run -- literally run around and not sleep for two weeks. Like, ran through the whole island with, like, supernatural type capacity. There are claims that people have seen, like, quasi-levitation stuff. Like, almost head-spinning type stuff. And then, Andrew says this was very common. Yeah.

Here's one that -- when Andrew was in Haiti, there were common stories about people turning into cats at night, which I don't know. They all knew someone that turned into cats. Again, I'm not sure about that. I haven't heard that. But the -- this, like, supernatural energy, or just also the stuff where, you know, you look in the Hollywood films where someone, like, looks possessed. Right? Imagine, like, entire towns that look that way.