Charlie Kirk goes on unhinged racist rant: “Prowling Blacks go around for fun to go target white people -- that’s a fact”

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Citation From the May 19, 2023 edition of Real America's Voice's The Charlie Kirk Show

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): This video was seen over 40 million times and the immediate reaction by the Twitterati, and the immediate reaction by the social media jihadis, is Oh my goodness, look at this white Karen who is, in a racist way, trying to say this bike is mine, stay out of the way Black people and basically bully her, weaponizing her white tears against Black men. Seen 40 million times. 

Well, like so many of these race hoaxes, it turns out that this was a lie. And by the way, Twitter was calling out her name, in fact, one of the Twitterati said “She f’n deserves, I hope you never have a moment of peace again,” Again, this is a four-month pregnant woman. 

Well, it turns out she actually paid for the bike, and something that is common in New York City is that young thugs will come up and actually, as you rent the bike, push the bike back in. Kind of as a way to troll you, as a way to be like “Oh, you paid for it, well, you lose all your money,” type thing. So this white woman gets completely misrepresented. This is a pregnant woman equivalent of Nicholas Sandman. She got suspended from her job because of this. This is Nicholas Sandman 2.0. Now, were they trying to hijack her, were these Blacks trying to go rob her? Happening all the time in urban America, prowling Blacks go around for fun to go target white people, that’s a fact. It’s happening more and more. 


Now why, why did this happen? This happened because the audience,  the population, you have been conditioned into social justice warrior simulation theory. That anytime you see a confrontation, anytime you see a, let's just say a quarrel, anytime you see an argument, anytime you see something between a white person and a Black person, you have been trained, you have been conditioned to believe that it's the white person that is terrorizing the Black person. If you thought this video was really what the media told you. 

Do you know that more than six hundred, is that, is that stat real Blake? C’mon, is it real? I don’t know if that stat is real. Okay, I'm going to say it. More than six hundred white women a year are murdered by Black men. Six hundred white women a year. Did you know that? By Blacks. So six hundred white women are murdered by Blacks a year. One just happened, well he was a Hispanic, he might have been half-Black doesn't really matter, here in Scottsdale. Young, twenty-nine-year-old girl, walking on a hiking trail, and a trans-Hispanic comes and stabs her to death. 


The Karen slur is attacking white women who believe in being treated respectfully, who want to live in a nice society and recognize that even when white liberal women are awful, they’re trying to get us to accept disgusting behavior by exploiting our distaste for a subtype of white liberal woman. And they also just want to start a race war. The left would love to see a race war.

Karen emailed us. She said, “Charlie, it’s time for the Karen name-calling to stop. I cringe when someone asks me for my name.” That's sad, you did nothing wrong, It's like a mass discrimination. Could you imagine if we did that? And we should not do this by the way. Let me just be very clear, we should not do this. We should not be like “Well, there, you're acting like  a Trayvon.” Could you imagine? Don’t do that, that’s bad. Could you imagine the stereotyping? That’s the equivalent. “Ah, you’re a Shaniqua.” Can’t do that. Oh, if that makes you cringe, that’s exactly what they’re doing with the name, Karen. Exactly what they're doing. They are mislabeling an entire racial group for something they did not do, to try to create a prejudice. Could you imagine?