Charlie Kirk goes on sexist rant and claims men should not be allowed to be preschool teachers

Kirk: “We should not send women into the frontlines of a conflict nor should we send men into the frontlines of educating our preschoolers”

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Citation From the August 18, 2023, edition of The Charlie Kirk Show

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): Well there's a lot of evidence that men are more extreme. They're more likely to be deeply obsessed with something and chess is a game that rewards obsession. They're more competitive too. Men have more power to focus incredibly intensely on something and here's a fun fact, in a chess tournament competitors think so hard they can burn as many calories as an athlete playing a sport. It's been proven time and time again. The evidence is clear, men have a competitive advantage in chess. There are women only tournaments because if there weren't women would almost never win major tournaments. Not because anybody is stronger, anybody is bigger. You ever see a chess champion, you know, a gust of wind will blow them over sometimes. They're like five foot three and a hundred and twelve pounds. 

It doesn't matter. If you have a male brain versus a female brain in chess you have a competitive advantage. The data is clear. It's not a patriarchy, it's not some systemic sexism. Men spend hours and hours and hours memorizing hundreds of openings and moves and counter moves. The first five, six moves of chess unfold like a book and top players have them all memorized. 

Chess is very similar, by the way, to why women do not get into coding. Some do, but most do not. Why women don’t get into science, technology, engineering, and math. Because in some ways chess is an algorithm. This is why it's so hard to beat the best computers in chess. Because eventually you can game out the first five moves, then the first ten moves on top of it, it becomes kind of a building formula and it's such intense brain power, if you ever watch the top chess masters, how fast they move, the margin for error is nothing. 

Now I'm going to say something that you shouldn't - I'm going to say it, I'm just saying the - I'm going to connect all these dots together. Women are notorious for still remembering the details of arguments that they had from years ago. Can we get that Dennis Prager clip, Brian, that's going viral on YouTube, please? It's perfect. And Dennis, to his credit, has been doing male and female hour for years and now it's just kind of one of the most popular things you could do. You can see this difference, by the way, in how trans people, male-to-female, have a sex fetish. Their idea of women is really sexualized, reflecting how men think, while female-to-male trans people are fleeing from sexuality in many cases. By the way, women tend to be more sensitive, compassionate -


DENNIS PRAGER: My favorite male female difference. I always tell wives, when you ask your husband 'what are you thinking?' and he says 'well, nothing really,' he is not lying to you. 


KIRK: - because it takes remarkable patience, compassion, emotion. It's a motherly type role and that's why 80 to 90 percent of all kindergarten, first, and second grade teachers are women and it should be that way. That's a beautiful thing. Let's know our differences. 

Chess is like war. It's very similar. This is why I've said that women should not be in frontline combat roles in the military and the media hates it when I say that but it's true. Not to say that women don't have a role to play in trying to win the war, or win a war, but this is so much of a deeper red-pill than any normal sport can be. 

Modern liberalism orders us to deny reality and pretend that women are just like men. Or even weirder, it asks us to pretend that they are defective men and they're not. They are different from men. Our differences are beautiful. We should celebrate them. We should not send women into the frontlines of a conflict nor should we send men into the frontlines of educating our preschoolers. Let's understand our differences and the denial of them creates moral chaos, panic, and confusion. We should not send men in to ruin women's spaces. Our differences keep us free.