Charlie Kirk fantasizes about children watching televised executions: “At a certain age, it's an initiation”

“I would totally tune in to see some pedo get their head chopped off”

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Citation From the February 15, 2024, edition of Thoughtcrime, posted to Rumble 

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): By the way, this is the my other problem with the death penalty - it takes too long. Too many appeals --

TYLER BOWYER (CO-HOST): It's too expensive.

KIRK: It should be public. It should be quick. And it should be televised.

BOWYER: Well, this can't be right, can it? The last execution in France was guillotine in 1977.

BLAKE NEFF (CO-HOST): 100% true. They used the guillotine.

BOWYER: Until 77?

NEFF: Yeah.

BOWYER: That's so cool.

NEFF: There's video tape of it.

BOWYER: Honestly, that's, like, what we should be doing. And I agree. It should be public. And do it public square --

KIRK: And televised. By the way, you could sell -- you could force the government to watch it --

BOWYER: Force kids to watch it.

KIRK: You could have, like, brought to you by Coca Cola. And no. I'm not kidding. By the way, I would totally tune in to see some pedo get their head chopped off. Convicted by a jury --

JACK POSOBIEC (CO-HOST): By the way, all of --

KIRK: I'm talking about a real thing. I'm talking -- I'm not talking about --

POSOBIEC: All executions in Belarus are by firearm. That's not a choice or anything.

NEFF: Andrew's saying don't make kids watch it. And I think no. The absolute opposite.

KIRK: Well, I think at a certain age, it's an initiation.

BOWYER: If you can drive, you can watch it. 


NEFF: Not just at 16 --

KIRK: All of a sudden, you look at some of these savages. Like, in Indiana, there was this guy that went in and killed a pregnant woman and her three kids. And you know what? I wanna watch that execution. That'll make my day better. I wanna see him on a public block and get him be publicly executed. And I think that would be justice. You think children should have -- you should see it? What is the age -- at what age should you start to see public execution?


NEFF: I think you could do it earlier. I think you -- maybe at age 12. 6th grade or so. You are a person -- you know, they're old enough to -- you don't need to, like, really wallow in it and have them be broken on a wheel or anything. But if it was something like chopping -- you know, if we had a guillotine or something.

BOWYER:I think it's the age where they can't be, you know, it's -- I think it's too early and you become desensitized to maybe like this. I think it's when you can actually embrace --

KIRK: But it should also be taken in a holy way --

BOWYER: The meaning. The meaning.

KIRK: And I don't mean holy in a bad way. I mean that, like, this is heavy.

NEFF: Bluntly, we have kids who are 14 who are committing carjackings --

KIRK: A hundred percent.

NEFF: In cities and doing --

KIRK: Yes.

NEFF: Bad stuff. And I think if you sent the message to them, if you do a bad crime, you will die, and it will be like this, and that will be you, it would be a positive message.


KIRK: Here's a question for anyone that might be not persuaded. Would crime go up or down?

BOWYER: It would go way down.

KIRK: Down. So why is this even a question?