Charlie Kirk: “The entire Third World is moving into America, and the Democrats want that”

Kirk: “They're breaking and entering into America.”

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Citation From the September 7, 2023, edition of Salem Media Group's The Charlie Kirk Show, as broadcast on Real America's Voice

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): That's Eric Adams in 2022, who says: hey, all the vigilantes, all the criminals, all the lowlifes – because that's what they are – lowlifes coming into our country, breaking the law, coming in, and saying, they're welcome.  


The entire Third World is moving into America, and the Democrats want that. They rejoice – they rejoice in this. For them, this is a huge success. They don’t care if Eric Adams is speaking out against it – and again, all their arguments are arguments of infrastructure – we don’t have enough hotel rooms. We don’t have – that’s not the point. The point is that these are lawless border jumpers. They broke the law. They’re breaking and entering into America.

I used to love New York City. It's an unrecognizable city, but that's what the left does. They're parasites. The left are cockroaches. They just take things over. They don't build anything. They take stuff over and they destroy it. New York City is well on its way. And Eric Adams is saying: Hey, what are we supposed to do here? Your Democrat colleagues want the destruction of all things beautiful. That is the mantra of the American Democrat Party.