“Pain is a teacher”: Charlie Kirk encourages his audience to bankrupt Target for selling Pride merchandise

Kirk: “We need to go after Target in a very serious way. ... the only thing they understand is force.”

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Citation From the May 24, 2023, edition of The Charlie Kirk Show

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): Welcome back. In just a minute we'll have Rich Baris back but there's something really exciting happening with Target everybody. So Target has a target on their back. Target is freaking out. Target is holding emergency meetings. They're worried that they're losing their customer base. Everybody keep the pressure on. We need to go after Target in a very serious way. It is time for decent, ordinary Americans who do not believe in radical ideas in either direction to just say I will not allow my kid to be corrupted by this trans agenda and look Target - it looks like they're caving. They say they're putting the clothes in the back. I don't want - I want Target to go bankrupt. I want them to close. I want Chapter 11, okay?

ANDREW KOLVET (CO-HOST): Somebody else can buy them up. 


KOLVET: Someone conservative. Cause it's going to be a bunch of buildings. 

KIRK: Yeah, I want them to go Chapter 11. People say what does success look like? Chapter 11, okay? I want skull and bones all the way down to the absolute nails of the stores. That's the only thing they understand is force. Pain is a teacher and the pain of crossing the line to perverting our children and grooming them, it's going to be a lesson I hope corporate America watches because ordinary America is pushing back. We must push for the bankruptcy of Target. Make it happen everybody.