Charlie Kirk: “Donald Trump is all that stands between a pagan regime basically permanently engulfing the country”

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Citation From the May 29, 2024, edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on Rumble 

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): What do you have to say then to Christians? And they come to my event, and they say, but he's allegedly an adulterer, lived a colorful life, I don't like the way he talks. I get those objections at a — only from very, very committed Christians.


KIRK: Does that -- like, this is a group of folks that are incredibly devout and — not all, by the way. There's super devout people that don't share this, like us. Right?

MILES: Yeah.

KIRK: But there's a hesitancy, and they say I just — I can't vote for him. How should they think about it? Should they prioritize his behavior or his actions and policies?

MILES: So, you know, statements like that actually, to some degree, are some evidence that we have, in fact, lived in historically a Christian nation. Right? Because there's an assumption that a candidate is actually going to hold to Christian values. Right? So we have people that — I mean, that in of itself, kind of, gives some some validity to that.

KIRK: That's a good point.

MILES: And so, we have to, you know, come to terms — let's just set aside Donald Trump's faith for a second, you know — I — you know him personally. I've not met him personally in those things. And so, let's just — let's set that aside. Let's just look at his policies. We have a track record. We've seen him in office. We've seen what he's done. All these statements of he's gonna blow up the world and lead to a nuclear war, those are hollowed now —

KIRK: It's the opposite of that.

MILES: Right? Because we've already have evidence that none of that happened --

KIRK: And the world is actually blowing up.

MILES: And the world is blowing up now. Right? So we know that those things are hollowed arguments. But when we look at these other things, we — the reality is that there might come a time in America's history, I pray it doesn't, where we don't have any sort of Christian choice on the ballot. And so, how are we gonna handle that then? You know, are we able to go through and say is one better than another? Is one Caesar better than another Caesar in this regard? And I think the answer absolutely is yes. And look, to have a president that at all identifies and supports Christian values, that continues to honor God, continues to honor Jesus, continues to honor pastors and prayer, and, you know, he — we're actually talking with his people right now about the possibility of trying to get him on the American Pastor Project for one of our calls, and I believe the pastors need to hear, you know, from President Trump on these issues. We need to hear from any world leader, you know, on these issues that are facing the church so they know — are aware of our concerns and that we also have a chance to impact them and influence them as well as they are fighting for all of our behalfs. So I think these are empty arguments. I think they're foolish arguments. Of course, we all would love to have, you know, that Christian prince. But I'm not waiting for a Christian prince. I already have one. His name's Jesus. Right? And so we need the best option for the American people right now, and we only have one option, and that's Donald Trump.

KIRK: I completely agree, and the question is can we get enough Christians to prioritize the good, the true, the beautiful, the nation, liberty, self-government over their, I don't know, their hesitancy, their potential issues of Donald Trump's behavior? I also just — I have very little patience for it when it just comes to the fundamental life or death-type issues. Donald Trump is all that stands between a pagan regime basically permanently engulfing the country.