Charlie Kirk describes his multiple plans to overturn Nebraska's electoral apportionment law

Kirk on why he wants to change Nebraska's electoral apportionment law: “Is Nebraska somehow not affected by Joe Biden's terror campaign against the country?”

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Citation From the April 4, 2024, edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on Rumble 

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): I'm just kind of speechless here. I mean, is Nebraska somehow not affected by Joe Biden's terror campaign against the country?


KIRK: So then let's go through the names. So, how many people do we have to block — to say no to cloture currently in Nebraska?

MALIA SHIRLEY (GUEST): We need to switch three votes. And from what I am hearing, that is Senator Tom Brandt, Senator Mike McDonnell, and the third is up in the air. I've heard a lot of different names, but from what it seems to be is Senator Merv Riepe, who has kind of flopped on a few other votes in the past. He is a Republican. He has voiced support for this bill already, but he is also one of the ones that — his name's been thrown around.

KIRK: Got it. And so if that doesn't happen, we just have to go to plan B, which is then to say, hey, Mr. Speaker, you can remove the filibuster, which he's probably unlikely to do. Then plan C is call a special session, and no one knows that the filibuster exists in the special session or not. But plan C is, OK, even if they have the filibuster in the special session — and we're in the special session and we have the filibuster, then just wait it out. Just be like, hey.


KIRK: We're gonna keep — we're gonna do a vote carousel. We're gonna do it like the speaker of the house with Kevin McCarthy and Speaker Johnson. We're gonna go all night, all day. And just every time, just -- and then the constituents will get engaged and get involved.