Charlie Kirk: Democrats “want nothing to do with elections. They want this solved with handcuffs, subpoenas, rigged juries, and zip code justice.”

Kirk: “They have mapped this all out, they have backup plans, they have insurance policies. Yes, it is a conspiracy. 100%”

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Citation From the August 7, 2023, edition of Salem's The Charlie Kirk Show as broadcast on Real America's Voice

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): The people that are running our society, the marxists that have infiltrated our government, the FBI, the CIA, the intel agencies. corporate America, the banks, and the tech companies, they had to make a choice. They were waiting and waiting and waiting, whether or not Donald Trump was going to run for the presidency again, and it looked like he was, or he was kind of half in and half out, and as soon as Donald Trump really started to signal last summer, June of 2022, that he was going to run, the plan got dusted off. The tabletop exercises of the people chattering in Martha’s Vineyard to Aspen to Sun Valley, they said, it's time. 

They had to make a choice, and the choice is very simple, is that this beautiful document, the greatest political document ever written, the United States Constitution, my handy dandy Turning Point USA copy of our United States Constitution, put that aside.

Donald Trump is such an existential threat, the movement he has created of different ages, backgrounds, the muscular class, ordinary people, it must be stopped, at all costs. Ends justify the means, throw away any morals or values or virtues or precedent or history. This guy is a threat and what he brings to the country is a threat. A threat to the banking cabal that deteriorates our currency. A threat to their open border agenda, a threat to the corporate leviathan that is strangling you. A threat to the great reset as we call it time and time again.

They must stop him and they had to make a choice, do we do what we did in 2020, which is barely sneak by, mail-in ballots, Zuckerberg, Zuckerboxes, $400 million dollars to Center for Technology and Civic Life, call the Hunter Biden laptop Russian disinformation, a total lie, that 50 intel official signed. Do we do that again or do we just reduce the risk?


How do you eliminate risk or reduce risk? You eliminate variables, that’s it. So therefore, they look at the problem of populism nationalism, the problem of flyover country having a voice, a problem of Hispanics and Blacks coming in the Republican direction in a huge way, and they say, how do we mitigate the risk? And the architects of our society, the people that want to remain in charge and continue the plunder of you, continue the grooming of your children, continue the crime spree in America, they have a choice to make. And the choice is very simple, do we allow elections to continue or do we do this in the courts? Do we just use the justice system and get this over with? 


Night of the Long Knives, we’re not messing around and the choice is clear, we are not going to mess around with elections anymore. Elections are a distraction, elections have too much risk, if you spent time with these risk mitigation experts at Goldman Sachs or at Citibank, these are people that want you to be at home, masked and alone for the next two years, because you might have a risk of catching COVID. 

So elections or courts for the defenders of democracy, elections are way too risky, they’ll be a last resort, and they’ll do the mail-in balloting, the signature stuff, but they’re trying to get ahead of it. They cannot allow the movement to ascend and build, ascend and build, ascend and build, because the smart marxists know that Donald Trump was displaced from the presidency by a cheater, Joe Biden and his cabal, by 42,000 votes, and they are very afraid that they’re not going to be able to do that again, and that is exactly why they are going hyper aggressive.

They have mapped this all out, they have backup plans, they have insurance policies. Yes, it is a conspiracy. 100%. But none dare call it a conspiracy, because you don’t want to be labeled the thing from the Central Intelligence Agency, even though we have evidence after evidence that we have multi- different actors and organizations, private, public, CIA, FBI, Google, Facebook, Zuckerberg, working in tandem, if there ever was a conspiracy, this is certainly darn a conspiracy. 

You’ve got Jack Smith working with Fani Willis. You have Jack Smith working with the Michigan Attorney General. You have Merrick Garland working with the tech companies, I mean, how much more evidence do you need? You have the White House saying, shut up those conservatives on social media, we being one of them. 

And so the decision has been made. Elections are too risky. We have to do this the old fashioned way, and the old fashioned way is by force. We have to do this with handcuffs, trials, rigged juries, and this is the plan. Because you having a voice, you being able to show up and participate in a fair and free election, they have flashbacks to 2016. They have flashbacks to screaming at the glass ceiling that was supposed to be broken by Hillary Clinton, they are not going to risk that again. 

This is the whole ballgame. Elections are a distraction, elections are a risk for these people. The stakes are too high. We’re going to talk about how we can counter it and the developments over the weekend, but they have made their choice. They want nothing to do with elections. They want this solved with handcuffs, subpoenas, rigged juries, and zip code justice.