Charlie Kirk demands Republican attorneys general put Democrats in “handcuffs and leg irons. That’s what we need.”

Kirk: “Will you enforce the law against Democrats who are able to act with complete treachery against the American people?”

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Citation From the August 16, 2023, edition of Salem Media Group's The Charlie Kirk Show, as broadcast on Real America's Voice

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): How should we respond? By strongly worded op-eds? Tweets. Maybe a hearing or two. How should Republicans respond to Fulton County? I write in, indict the left. When politicians are tempted to prosecute their enemies for political reasons, they must fear the same thing happening to them. There are 27 Republican attorneys general in the United States, compared to 23 Democrats. But you wouldn’t know. Today, all the celebrity prosecutors are Democrats. The left has an entire caste of politicians who make their careers by loudly hunting down supposed wrongdoers using whatever excuse they can manufacture. 

So here is the dilemma. The dilemma is, do we return fire with fire? Do we punch back twice as hard? The Michigan attorney general has indicted 16 senior citizens. One, in particular, by the name Rose Rook. Dana Nessel believes that this person, Rose Rook, 81-year-old Rose Rook is a threat to our country. An insurrectionist. 81-year-old. That’s it. That's the face of what the regime fears the most. Faithful. Patriotic. Did she loot a department store? Did she burn down a Wendy’s? Did she rape somebody? 

That’s Rose Rook, who is facing dozens of years in prison. 81-year-old patriot. For signing a piece of paper, a constitutional right to be an alternate elector, Dana Nessel is now making her have to defend herself criminally. That's a Democrat attorney general. 

That's who they're going after. And we have to take it. And we currently are taking it. So I asked the question in The Federalist, what is the plan, how should we respond? We should indict the left. Look into James Biden, for example. Look into Hunter Biden. They have allegedly done some clandestine, nefarious activities in red states. BLM raised money in all 50 states.

I had a conversation with a Republican attorneys general yesterday. Who I will not name. And he said, Charlie, we do not have criminal authority. I said, wait a second, how is it that Democrats, then, have the ability to indict people, and why don’t you just do the investigation and refer it to a local county prosecutor, then? I was curious, I wasn’t – I was just calling these people that I know, and just asking questions. 

Why is it that Fani Willis – Fani, whatever. And Dana Nessel can do this and Alvin Bragg, and we don’t. And I received excuses. Oh, that’s not the way it works, I was told. We, in fact, one of them, one attorney general, who’s a nice person, said Charlie, we don’t stoop down to the level of the Democrats. That’s an attorney general of a major Republican state who told me that. He said we don’t – we don’t fight that way. And I asked him, kind of point blankly, I said, well, how do you think we're going to win? And he said, this will pass. He said this too shall pass, he told me that’s what in the Bible, I said, well that’s actually not in the Bible, that’s folklore, but that’s a separate issue.

Why don’t we fight the way that results in victories? And from chatting with – and I’m not going to say their names, because I’m going to hope that they course correct, because I was just asking questions. My constitutional right as a citizen to ask people in elected office questions. I said, they are coming after all of us. They’re coming after the rank and file, they’re coming after Donald Trump. And yet, these are sweet people. But there’s no plan. There’s no willingness to act. That was my big takeaway from talking to them.

In The Federalist, I wrote, the cabal of prosecutors has existed for a while. In New York, for instance, the attorney general’s office has spent years neutering the NRA with a legal offensive meant to shut it down or at least entirely disable it as a national political force, an offensive that has mostly succeeded. Republicans have done no such thing because we don’t fight that way. We don’t want it as badly, and this is what animates me. You want it. The audience wants it. Those of you that watch this program want it. Republicans in elected office do not. 

And we're not even saying to do anything political. We're saying enforce the law against Democrats. That’s all we’re saying. I’m not even saying you have to make up laws, I’m saying that BLM was the national state-run religion for multiple months in 2020. They were more popular than anything. They were able to act with impunity and they raised money from all 50 states. 

And now we know, and now we know, that BLM likely broke charitable laws in all 50 states. Importantly, they solicited – solicited money from all 50 states. From Patrisse Cullors to spending money on mansions to her sugar daddy, and we know why Republican AGs do not want to go after BLM, they don’t want to be called racist, obviously. So, BLM is going to get away with it. Every single one of these AGs could open an investigation into charitable fraud. Or into anitfa, into any one of these activities. But instead, you know what one of the AGs who I spoke to told me? He said, well, we’re suing the Biden administration on 10 different things, I said that’s not the point. Yes, I’m glad you’re civilly suing them in federal court. Terrific. Great. You’re suing them on the student loan thing or whatever. This is different. You guys have been doing that for 20 years. That’s technical policy stuff. 

We’re talking about something that is much more fundamental. Will you enforce the law against Democrats who are able to act with complete treachery against the American people? Handcuffs and leg irons. That’s what we need. The solution is perp walks, investigations. It’s not happy talk. Well, I’m suing civilly. Or the excuses they give is, well, we don’t have the jurisdiction. Yes you do. You’re the state’s top law enforcement officer. If you are not able to prosecute it, then find a local DA where the crime was committed, and then they can prosecute it. 

 She has the media. She’s going to be able to push the boundaries on this because the entire regime media is slobbering over big Fani Willis. Right here, this beautiful picture of Fani Willis. Yeah, when I think of modern beauty, I think of Fani Willis. Racketeering Act is key in Georgia in case versus Trump. Front page of the New York Times. We’re going to go through this, how the New York Times is covering it. Yeah, we don’t have the media. Who cares? Do it anyways. 

You are demanding it. The people are demanding it. Your leaders are not listening. I can say that from somebody who spoke to them on the phone and just asked questions. That’s all I did, just why, why, why, why, why. And I got excuses. And they said, well, we’re suing the Biden administration. If this continues, we’re going to lose everything. And I think you guys know that.