Charlie Kirk defends Trump’s fake elector scheme as a “publicity stunt”

Kirk: “If you're trying to overthrow the government, who tweets about it? ... It was obviously a publicity stunt.”

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Citation From the August 2, 2023 edition of Salem's The Charlie Kirk Show as broadcast on Real America's Voice

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): This is the largest part of the indictment. If you read through the indictment it says in great detail that the core of it is the co-conspirators putting together alternate electors. Which by the way, alternate electors had legal precedent of being selected and chosen in the Kennedy/Nixon 1960 election. So they go after senior citizens in Michigan, first through the Michigan Attorney General – a totally captured state by the way; Michigan is totally captured, it's really sad.

And then they're able to write this indictment and say, aha, see, they worked in tandem together to overthrow the government. So they were trying to overthrow the government by sending in alternate electors? How does that work exactly? The Vice President could have sent it back to the states and the judge in 1960, who selected the alternate electors in the Hawaii controversy of Kennedy and Nixon, said explicitly if you had not had sent those electors it could not have been chosen. The judge said that in 1960. The 1960 election. If you had not had sent them, we would not have been able to select them.

And let me ask you, I just, I'm curious. If you're trying to overthrow the government, who tweets about it? Every single one of these alternate electors tweeted in real time with pictures and selfies, here's our alternate electors. That's a rather weird way to overthrow the government.

It was obviously a publicity stunt and part of it was also like, hey, if there is irregularities here's the electors. And there's two components of it, and John Eastman talked about it on our program; component number one is that how these elections themselves were conducted were illegally conducted because they changed election law without going through the state legislature. So they sent alternate electors saying the entire election itself might be invalidated as an illegal exercise. Long shot, but potential.

The second of which, is there enough quote-unquote fraud or irregularities of ballot signatures, mass mail-in balloting, all this stuff. It was an open question and that is the core of all of this. You live in a free society when you can ask questions. Even dumb questions. You remember when you grew up you said there's no such thing as a dumb question, we used to teach our kids that, there's no such thing as a dumb question. Now a bad question or a wrongthink question can land you in prison for 515 years.