Charlie Kirk defends Elon Musk's antisemitism: “Some of the largest financiers of left-wing anti-white causes have been Jewish Americans”

Kirk: “It is wrong and repulsive to call a great man, Elon Musk, an antisemite. It cheapens the label of antisemitism. It is not good for anybody.”

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Citation From the November 16, 2023, edition of Salem Media Group's The Charlie Kirk Show

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): Elon Musk got himself in a little bit of trouble yesterday. Elon Musk responded to a tweet that I actually don’t think the tweet is that smart. I think one part of it is legit, but I think another part of it is not so great. But the essence of what Elon was responding to is a major thoughtcrime in America.

That the world's wealthiest man would comment on this is historic. So here's the tweet, and it's responding to a video, and the video was basically, a white father with his white son saying to his son, hey, you think that, you know, you're posting online all this antisemitic stuff. Why don't you go and say this to these Jewish families' face? Pretty powerful advertisement. 

This is the ad. Okay? It's about a minute long. It's a powerful ad, and then a person on Twitter responded to this advertisement, and then Elon responded to the person responding to the advertisement. It's important. Bear with us, because right now, Elon Musk is being targeted like never before.

Elon Musk was supposed to speak at a summit today, and he has been canceled. They don't want to hear from Elon Musk because they are tarring and feathering him as an antisemite. They've come after this program for calling us antisemites. They're coming after Elon Musk for calling, they're calling him an antisemite.

So here's the advertisement. It's a powerful ad. Play cut 79.

KIRK: Now let me just say, this is not a very well-written tweet. It's very confusing.

I'll go through what they're basically saying here. Half of this tweet is true, half of it, I don't like. You want the truth said to your face. There it is. Elon responds, and he says you have said the actual truth.

Now we don't know what part Elon is saying is the actual truth. So let's go through this. Again, it's double negatives and misuse of the word disinterested. It’s a strange tweet that Elon pinpointed on here.

But the first part is absolutely true. Let's go to this. Jewish communities have been pushing the exact kind of hatred against whites that they claim to want people to stop using against them. 

Now I don't like generalizations. Not every Jewish person believes that. But it is true, the Anti-Defamation League was part and parcel with Black Lives Matter. It is true that some of the largest financiers of left-wing anti-white causes have been Jewish Americans.

They went all in on woke, and it wasn't just ADL. It was some of the top Jewish organizations in the country that have done that. In fact, we have seen this with the recent retreat of Jewish donations that are no longer, going to be administered to colleges. Right? Marc Rowan, Leon Cooperman. Can we get that full list? It's very powerful. 

The part of the, so that's totally true. And by the way, Tucker Carlson reinforces this. So I'm going to kind of, it was quite a day on the Internet. Tucker Carlson was interviewing Candace Owens. We have Candace Owens coming up next hour, and Tucker Carlson mentions that Jewish Americans have primarily been financing cultural Marxist ideas. We said this, by the way, last week, and people came after us.

We came, we actually said it in a different way. We said, I'm glad that Jewish Americans are reconsidering their financing of cultural Marxism, and people misunderstood it intentionally and slandered us as being antisemites.

But listen to this. Tucker Carlson is completely correct by saying this, that the philosophical foundation of anti-whiteness has been largely financed by Jewish donors in the country. Play cut 92. 

KIRK: So what Tucker is saying is similar to part of the tweet that Elon isolated that is true.

That let's just say, liberals, but that includes Jewish financiers of liberal causes, didn't really care about University of Chicago having courses that's saying, you know, the problem with whiteness.

They didn't really care about American Express saying that we must eliminate whiteness. They didn't, in fact, they were supportive of it. A lot of liberals were okay with critical race theory, diversity, equity, inclusion.

ADL went all in on the BLM-type narrative, and ADL is one of many different organizations that we're perfectly fine with the growing anti-white wave. Now to be clear, many of these Jews did not fully understand what they were financing.

Their intentions were probably pretty good. As we've said, intentions mean next to nothing here. And I'm sure some of the intentions weren't so good, but let's just, attention aside. I'm not that interested in intentions. I'm interested in actions. Okay? 

Intentions are very hard to pinpoint. We get too caught up in the conservative movement on intentions. I learned this from the great Dennis Prager. He says stop focusing on intentions, focus on the actions. It's a much better way to judge whether or not something is right or wrong. Intentions, as I've said before, and there's a video that went viral, the Nazis thought they were doing good. They convinced themselves that they were doing good when in reality, they were doing some of the greatest evil in the history of species.

So, again, Hamas thinks they're doing good. I could go through all this, but they're doing evil. So I'm not convinced that somebody's intentions are what matter.

Many Jewish financiers culturally, given money to George Washington University, Columbia, Yale, Dartmouth over and over and over again, hundreds of millions of dollars, billions of dollars, financing many nonprofits that many of them are now recognizing and realizing this was a bad idea.

So I'm going to build this out because the second part of the tweet I don't like, and it ties into some news that is not so good for AOC. It's not good for Ayanna Pressley. I'm going to isolate that in just a second.

But let me just say before I talk about My Patriot Supply. It is sloppy. It is shallow. It is wrong and repulsive to call a great man, Elon Musk, an antisemite. It cheapens the label of antisemitism. It is not good for anybody.