Charlie Kirk claims the Georgia grand jury forewoman “actually is a witch. She's into witchcraft.”

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Citation From the February 22, 2023, edition of The Salem Radio Network's The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on YouTube 

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): The jury forewoman who is -- I guess you could say the point of contact for the entire grand jury. Being a forewoman means she swears in witnesses. She's kind of not in charge, but I guess you could say that if there was a hierarchy, she would be the most important person in a grand jury. She is speaking out about what we may or may not expect. And she's being rather cryptic about it, but instead of actually what she is saying -- it's going viral and being covered all over the news today because it's her style and her cavalier spirit and her attitude is really noteworthy.

So, I saw a clip of her this morning, and as soon as I saw it, I said, oh, wow, they've a Harry Potter girl running Trump's grand jury. As soon as I saw it. Now, I have nothing against Harry Potter. I think it's fine. I read all the books growing up. But there is a culture that was created, especially with Millennials, where they got super obsessed about Harry Potter and they talk a certain way and they giggle a certain way. And I was like, that girl is -- thinks she's a witch. And we kind of had our, you know, chat about that in our conversation this morning. And it turns out that my suspicion, actually, was totally and completely correct. That we found her Pinterest page -- the Harry Potter girl's Pinterest page -- and she's really into witchcraft. That's not an insult. Well, it is an insult, but it's not me exaggerating. It's not hyperbole. It's a fact. She's big into alchemy, crystals, how to be a witch. 


Yeah, it's really funny. Someone might go to jail and have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend themselves. But that warrants a giggle. Now, maybe that was just a nervous giggle because you're in front of millions of people making a complete fool out of yourself. And now we learn about her love of alchemy. No joke. She posts on her social media page about herbs, about casting a circle -- demonic circles -- how to cast spells. Not a joke. This is all on her social media page. She actually is a witch. She's into witchcraft. And as soon as I saw a video of her, I said, whoa, that is someone who thinks they're Hermione Granger. Like, totally. Like, she is larping on live television, live action role playing, trying to be a serious person. She just she just can't pull it off.

Yeah, listen, it's -- you want to go be a witch in Georgia. Not my thing. You could go into the hinterlands and go cast spells amongst your fellow friends. If you're going to be a forewoman of a jury that involves a former president, you got to be a lot more serious than this. This is not a joke.