Charlie Kirk calls Senate appointee Laphonza Butler “the high priestess of the oppression Olympics”

Kirk: “You’ve never seen a person as oppressed as Laphonza Butler”

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Citation From the October 2, 2023, edition of Salem Media Group's The Charlie Kirk Show  

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): So there was great intrigue after the passing of Dianne Feinstein. Who is going to be the next senator from California? So Gavin Newsom put himself in a corner because he said, look, it gonna have, it's gonna be an affirmative action pick. It's going to be a Black female. So everyone was, ooh. Is it gonna be Oprah Winfrey? Meghan Markle? 

Is Meghan Markle Black? I can't remember, is she Black? I can't, she's part Black. No. I know that, but is it, was it Indian? I can't keep track of all the different identity politics stuff. Because Kamala Harris, they say is Black, but she's also part Indian and part Jamaican.

Again, skin color means nothing to me. It's completely irrelevant. 

So Gavin Newsom makes this decision over the weekend. The name that we all know, Laphonza Butler. Not Oprah, not Meghan Markle. I know, I know, who the heck is Laphonza Butler? I never heard of Laphonza Butler before, so I have no idea if Laphonza Butler is a scholar, a smart person, but I'm always gonna think like, eh, I don't know if she's really qualified because she was selected merely for her characteristics that don't matter.

And I think that's honestly a disservice to Laphonza Butler. I think it's a disservice to have someone selected. I mean, she's always gonna have to be like, hey, you know you were selected because you basically checked off all of the woke boxes.

Now, Laphonza Butler is also another thing. She's also lesbian. So you have the Black, you have female, you have lesbian. I mean, she is the high priestess of the oppression Olympics.

Look at her. I mean, you've never seen a person as oppressed as Laphonza Butler. In fact, they needed to find a way to try to appoint a Black female, happen to be lesbian, that they couldn't even find one in California.

She's registered to vote in Maryland. Now we don't know if she's a resident of California or not, but she lives in Maryland.