Charlie Kirk calls Sen. Kamala Harris “racist” for pointing out that Trump has refused to appoint any Black judges

Kirk: “We have not seen this kind of race-baiting since grand wizards were allowed on cable television”

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Citation From an October 7, 2020, edition of The Charlie Kirk Show streamed on YouTube

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): Senator Harris was filibustering and demagoguing about packing the courts, about how unqualified nominees are. And then at the end of it she says something that was just so telling and it should be alarming to all of you. It should scare you. She said not one of the nominees were Black. I'm glad that Vice President Pence held his tongue. I'm glad that Vice President Pence didn't engage. Because then you get into, kind of, alienating people on race. I will engage.

Why does it matter Senator Kamala Harris was skin color a judge is? Ask any Bible-believing Christian and they will say -- they will take, theoretically, nine lesbian Mexicans on the Supreme Court if all of them believe in the U.S. Constitution. Who cares what the color of the skin of a judge is? That's the whole point of a judge. Oh yeah, and by the way, the singular Black person on the court is named Clarence Thomas who your running mate Joe Biden slandered when he tried to become on the Supreme Court in what he called a high-tech lynching. So tell me Senator Harris, what is a Black judge? What does that mean? Can you build out exactly what a Black judge would be different than a Mexican judge, or a Latino judge, or a white judge, or a Christian judge, or a Jewish judge? How about a judge of what you believe? 

And this shows you -- and it should scare every one of you. This should scare you. Because Senator Harris represents a completely new paradigm in the Democrat Party. She cares about skin color, not about ideas. Senator Harris thinks that your skin color matters. I don't. Vice President Pence doesn't. Donald Trump doesn't. We say, you know what, I actually care about do you love the Constitution, do you care about the Constitution, are you a textualist or an originalist or not? Play tape of Vice President -- the person running for the vice president, Senator Harris I should say -- who makes such chilling comments. "Not one of them Black." As if skin color matters. She's a racist.

Play it.


Not one is Black. Who cares? What is the significance, right now, Senator Harris, of a nominee being Black? What does that mean? What does that matter? Can you build out specifically and totally why a nominee's skin color matters? If there is one philosophical distinction between the Democrats and Republicans, between President Trump and Joe Biden, is this: They care about skin color, we don't. That's it. If you vote for one thing in November, it's Joe Biden cares about the color of your skin, Donald Trump doesn't.

What you're really looking at is a post-racial colorblind agenda and a racist pseudo-KKK agenda that Joe Biden is embracing. And I say that intentionally. We have not seen this kind of race-baiting since grand wizards were allowed on cable television when Mike Wallace was interviewing them 40 years ago. Why does the color of the skin matter, Senator Harris? And of course, Susan Page lets her get away with it. It's fine, I think she did better than average.

When you look at a judge, do you want someone that looks like you? Or do you want someone who's going to rule fairly, rule soberly, be steeped in wisdom? Is Senator Harris trying to say something to us? That a skin color matters. Does she think melanin matters? See, if the activist media wasn't so racist, which they are, we would actually get blatant answers on this. And I hope all of you watching this understand the significance of where this party is going. Cause you have true, almost neoliberal ideas that are being now embraced by conservatives and Republicans, and you have these collectivist melanin-mattering ideas on the Democrat Party.

Let's look at the course of the 20th century. Has it typically been a good idea or a bad idea to judge people based on the color of their skin? Was America's best days when we judged people based on how they acted or what they looked like? Was America -- were we most proud of our country's history when we said that Blacks couldn't go to school with whites? Was that a good thing? See, Senator Harris, the reason she justifies this, is she thinks that the only way that Black people can get ahead, is by trying to make other people of other races not have the same preference of Black people. We call that racism. That's also called affirmative action.