Charlie Kirk calls for retaliation: “It's time for us to start to use handcuffs and leg irons too”

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Citation From the April 15, 2024, edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on April 15, 2024

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): The temptation on the right will be to retaliate, but we've resisted that temptation because we think that the American justice system is still something worth preserving. It doesn't exist anymore. It is now simply an exercise in political power. You can't just sit there and let your guys get thrown into prison constantly. Peter Navarro is wasting away in a federal prison. They're trying to throw Steve Bannon in prison. They're putting praying grandmothers into federal jail. They're trying to put Donald Trump in prison. Why have we on the right not retaliated?

It's the same reason that we've seen — let's just say excuse after excuse because our side is not quite yet ready to win. But it's — that's what it's going to require. It's going to now require — I don't celebrate this. I don't rejoice in this. I don't like this. But if you think you are going to win the long-term political battle by just saying, oh, shucks, those guys have really overreached power — the American people are gonna wake up. You do not understand the politics of power. If the other side is willing to put you in jail and put leg irons on you and put handcuffs on you and our side is only willing to write op-eds, we will lose. It's time for us to start to use handcuffs and leg irons too.