Charlie Kirk calls on Mike Pence to unilaterally discard state electors

Kirk: “Some people say that's not constitutional. Then try it. Make them sue and get the Supreme Court into action.”

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Citation From the January 4, 2020, edition of the The Charlie Kirk Show streamed on YouTube

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): Despite what the media and certain weak intellectually-compromised Constitutional scholars are telling you, Mike Pence does not have to accept the results of polluted and poisoned electors. He does not.

Richard Nixon showed us this in 1960. The Electoral Count Act of 1887 said that the Congress approved the Electoral Count Act after Samuel Tilden. But the Electoral Count Act, alongside the Twelfth Amendment, sets the ground rules for how Congress operates during the Joint Session of Congress to certify the winner of the Electoral College. Probably unconstitutional. And that's why Louis Gohmert sued, but our courts are completely compromised, our courts want nothing to do with this.

So the final outcome can be this: Believe it or not, there is a almost guaranteed way Donald Trump serves four more years. It's this simple. Mike Pence listens to the objections, he listens to the claims and the complaints, and he says "based on the power and the authority granted to me as President of the United States Senate, and my oath to the Constitution of the United States, I refuse to certify at this very moment the election results of Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Therefore no person, no candidate, has reached a 270 majority threshold, and the United States House of Representatives shall decide this election." Gavel out. 

That's it. He doesn't have to grant the electors to Trump. I actually wouldn't support that. I think that would be a power leap. All Pence has to do is reject electors from states that are compromised. Some people say that's not constitutional. Then try it. Make them sue and get the Supreme Court into action. Because we have precedence that a vice president can reject state electors.