Charlie Kirk calls for “local Republican DAs” to start selectively investigating and prosecuting Democrats

Kirk: The country is “long gone” and “now is the time to build something new and to reclaim the nation from the people that killed it”

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Citation From the August 10, 2023, edition of Salem Media Group's The Charlie Kirk Show as broadcast on Real America's Voice

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): We are at a place that is so significantly changed in one year. You have lived through one of the most successful, radical, quiet revolutions in American history. In one year. A legal revolution, where they push us and they push us and they push us, and they push us, and we just keep on appeasing. Oh, we're going to get them through hearings, well  why don't we start indicting them? I can’t talk like that. Well, why don't we investigate them? Can’t talk like that. Alvin Bragg, Fani Willis is about to come down with an indictment that will shock the world. Question, why don’t we have local Republican DAs do anything against these Democrats? Anything. You’re trying to tell me Hunter Biden didn’t commit crimes in some sort of local county in Arkansas, that you could at least investigate him, subpoena him? No, it’s because on the Republican side, that would be considered to be against the gentleman rules of conduct, aka, I’m too afraid, I’m too weak, head in the sand denial, maybe the storm will pass. Eat me last. Eat me last.

These authoritarian thugs will not stop, but it starts with acknowledgement. Breaking out of the muscle memory of a country that is long gone. And I know that is painful. You should mourn that, by the way. It’s not easy. You should remember the country and to remember the memory, and then you should put it to rest. And then you should realize, now it's time to build something new and to reclaim the nation from the people that killed it.