Charlie Kirk calls LGBT identification a “social contagion”

Daily Wire's Michael Knowles tells Charlie Kirk that society must stop people from identifying as transgender

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Citation From the March 6, 2023, edition of The Salem Radio Network's The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on YouTube 

MICHAEL KNOWLES (DAILY WIRE HOST): And so, it shows you the truth of that old maxim, that politics is –


KNOWLES: Downstream of culture. But it shows you the inverse as well. And this is why the law is so important here, and it's why it's so important we draw a hard line in the sand on transgenderism. When we say that we're concerned about the poor people who are laboring under this delusion, it's because if you have a disorder in which you think you're the opposite sex, it's a terribly unpleasant way of life and it can lead you to all sorts of terrible things like stress and anxiety and suicide and self-mutilation and a whole host of other problems. So, it would be good if we could fix that problem or at least attempt to treat it. But what happens is that the law is a teacher. And so when the law did not recognize transgenderism –

KIRK: That's literally what Torah means, by the way. Teacher. Continue. It's interesting.

KNOWLES: That's right. So, when the law did not accept the idea of transgenderism until about 2015, 2016, even a little bit later, you saw this problem relatively contained. Now that the law is encouraging this -- in some cases, if you disagree with transgenderism, you can lose your job, you can be kicked out of school, you can face all sorts of consequences. Well, ever since that happened, what do you know? More and more people are identifying as transgender.

There was one poll that came out a little while ago that showed that more than one in five Zoomers identify as LGBT. So either Alex Jones is right and there's something in the water that's turning all the frickin Zoomers gay, or there is a social aspect to this. And that social aspect is encouraged by the incentives and disincentives –

KIRK: Social contagion.

KNOWLES: So it's important to take it on in the government.

KIRK: Yeah. It's a social contagion.