Charlie Kirk calls on Gov. Ron DeSantis to make a “sanctuary state” for Donald Trump

Kirk: “Ron DeSantis should look into the camera and say, we're not going to honor the extradition”

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Citation From the March 22, 2023, edition of The Salem Radio Network's The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on YouTube

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): So then what does this moment necessitate? And this is a question that we ask of conservative politicians, pundits, people in the conservative movement – do you know what time it is? Is it the 1990s or have we entered a new era, this kind of post-modern chapter where it's a power struggle?

Very simply, Ron DeSantis should look into the camera and say, we're not going to honor the extradition. It's dead on arrival. If you're trying to tell me you're going to indict a former president through a campaign finance violation in New York, I'm going to send the Florida sheriffs and say this warrant does not apply.

Now, the ramifications of that are extreme. That is an extreme proposal. I think it warrants it in this situation.

What good are red states if you do not stand up for what is right and what is moral and what is clear? It would be one thing if we had a video of Donald Trump firebombing police officers with Molotov cocktails like the BLM activists. It'd be one thing if we had evidence of Donald Trump on Jeffrey Epstein's plane going down to the island like we do with Bill Gates and Bill Clinton. It'd be one thing if we have evidence of Donald Trump smashing cell phones like Hillary Clinton did. It'd be one thing if we have evidence of Donald Trump getting millions of dollars from Chinese Communist Party-affiliated companies for absolutely nothing in return. Then I would say, hey, let's not cross that Rubicon.

This is an invented – it is a fictional legal prosecution that they are probing right now. And now the media is saying, oh, wow. Matt Gaetz is calling for quasi-secession. How dare states stand up and say that this is wrong. Why would states ever use that power?


KIRK: Can red states do anything? Can Ron DeSantis do anything?

Some people would say, well, Charlie, you know, you have to abide by these interstate arrest warrants. You have to – you cannot break those kind of contractual obligations. You can't just wall off cities. You just can't have your own laws. You just can't have your own jurisdictions – like, are you sure?

That might sound right. But then how do you explain sanctuary cities? How do you explain sanctuary states? For the last decade, we've had blue states that have said we have our own immigration law, federal law doesn't apply. It doesn't matter if these people are rapists and murderers or arsonists or child sex traffickers, they have a home in Chicago, and DC, and New York, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. Sanctuary cities. We're going to create our own laws. We're going to carve out our own areas.

So, why doesn't Ron DeSantis create a sanctuary state for a former president under political persecution? If the left is able to create sanctuary states for rapists and murderers, thugs and criminals, I don't think it's too big of an ask for Ron DeSantis critics to create a sanctuary state for a former president who's being persecuted by a Soros-funded DA in a separate state.