Charlie Kirk blames Sen. Lindsey Graham's proposed national abortion ban for GOP losses in the midterms

Guest Jack Posobiec: “I would say Lindsey Graham lost six states”

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Citation From the November 14, 2022, edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on YouTube

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): You and I are both very pro-life and enthusiastic about it, but can you talk about how Lindsey Graham might have torpedoed the midterms with his foolish and reckless and baseless announcement about a federal abortion ban this close to the election? 

JACK POSOBIEC (GUEST): I mean, Charlie, I said it on election night. I would say Lindsey Graham lost six states with that statement. I don't know why he made it, and I don't know if someone put that up to him and whispered in his ear and told him to come out and do this.

Lindsey Graham's not someone I would consider a member of the, sort of, professional pro-life movement. He certainly never has been. I don't believe he's spoken at any of the rallies or anything like that. And so, I'm very interested as to why it was that he did this. And, if so, did someone put him up to it?

Because that guy, what he did there was give the Democrats fuel for a million mailers, millions of dollars of TV spending, ads that went up in every single race across the country, and it gave them something to anchor it on.

And you woulnd't have anybody fact-checking it, because they'd say, well, here's Lindsey Graham, he's a member in great standing of the senior Senate leadership, and there you go.

KIRK: Yeah, it's just – it's hard to believe what the motivations and the intentions were there. 

POSOBIEC: I'd say at least we lost six states because of Lindsey Graham. Easily.