Charlie Kirk: Black Lives Matter wants to “fan the flames of a race war in our country”

Kirk: “This is an outright threat. A full frontal domestic terrorism in our country”

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Citation From the September 1, 2020, edition of PodcastOne's The Charlie Kirk Show

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): What if I told you that BLM incorporated said "if you kill one of ours, it's time for us to kill one of yours"? That BLM incorporated speakers and leaders and activists are calling for a race war in this country? Play tape. 


That's in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Sleepy, southeast Kenosha, Wisconsin. I grew up in northern Illinois, I know the area very well. I used to play baseball in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Great part of our country. Hardworking Midwestern patriots are now seeing their communities and neighborhoods burned down to the ground because BLM incorporated is deciding to manipulate a narrative where two police officers were trying to arrest someone accused and indicted for sexual assault, Jacob Blake. Jacob Blake evaded arrest despite being asked to stop, being tazed, goes and tries to grab a deadly weapon and the police officers shoot him. More and more information's going to come out about this incident. 

However, BLM incorporated saw this as an opportunity to continue to fan the flames of a race war in our country, to try to turn white people against Black people and they seized on this opportunity. This is an outright threat. A full frontal domestic terrorism in our country. Not in Portland or Seattle. This is Kenosha, Wisconsin. A working class suburb, not a Marxist coastal metropolis. The left is not hiding it anymore. They have openly embraced their dangerous brand of radicalism. It is now destroying and disintegrating the fabric of who we are as a country.