Charlie Kirk attacks Young America's Foundation for climate change debate question, “That's the best that they have to offer?”

Kirk: “You know what I would say? I'd tell him to go make your bed, stop doing weed, and actually reconnect with reality.”

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Citation From the August 24, 2023, edition of Salem's The Charlie Kirk Show, as broadcast on Real America's Voice

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): So one of the co-sponsors, last evening, of the debate was Rumble, who did a great job. All their tech worked. Good job, Rumble. As you can see, we have our Rumble thing behind us here. And the other co-sponsor of the debate is an organization called the Young America's Foundation that we at Turning Point USA have far surpassed.

They came after us in a very nasty way years ago, and they didn't succeed. I have a lot of friends over there, Matt Walsh, Scott Walker, it's fine. They've been very, some of them have been very, not those guys, but other people there who remain, were very nasty towards me and tried to destroy my career. Didn't work. Anyway, so on a national stage, YAF, Young America's Foundation, this is going viral, they had an opportunity because they co-sponsored the debate, and the RNC did that, for a lot of reasons, also to try to get back at us for trying to take out Ronna Romney as RNC chair, but that's a separate issue.

Their one opportunity to ask a question. This is the old guard. This is exactly, you want to know why Turning Point exists? They have a national audience, millions of people watching. Play cut 98. 

KIRK: Calm their fears that the Republican party doesn't care about climate change? That's the best that they have to offer? You know what I would say? I'd tell him to go make your bed, stop doing weed, and actually reconnect with reality. What a false premise question from a conservative youth organization. I'm getting so many emails about it. They said, “Charlie, what is this all about?” You know, and I don't even agree with it. You know what the number one concern for young people is? The number one concern is depression, suicide, purpose, economic anxiety, the fact they can't own homes. Such a failed premise. So what a missed opportunity that was.

I wish they would have had a question of, “How many people here on stage pledge that biological men masquerading as women will not be allowed in bathrooms, female sports, and what are you gonna do to stop the castrating of kids?”

That would have been a great question. 100%. And to their defense, they host Matt Walsh all the time on campus who talks about this stuff. That was honestly really shocking.