Charlie Kirk and Newt Gingrich suggest the FBI planted evidence in Mar-a-Lago

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Citation From the August 9, 2022, edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on YouTube

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): It's almost shocking and I'm at a loss for words in some sense. What what do you think is the calculus of the FBI for doing this? How should we process what happened yesterday at Mar-a-Lago?

NEWT GINGRICH (FOX CONTRIBUTOR): Well, I think we have to get out of our heads. Any sense that we're dealing with traditional America. I think we'd be better off to think of these people as wolves. Are wolves, you know, who want to eat you, wolves who want to dominate. So when people say, oh, I wonder what they're going to say at the press conference tomorrow, my answer is they're going to lie. These are bad people doing bad things.

KIRK: Yes.

GINGRICH: And you're exactly right. They have a very practical reason. They are at war with the American people. They are desperately trying to have the deep state stay on top of the American people. It turns out, for example, that the IRS, 98% of the donations go to the Democratic Party. So there is a good explanation of why they want to add 85,000 additional IRS agents, more than doubling the number of IRS agents so they can further expand the police state. You'll notice, by the way, they only have 29,000 people on the border, but they want to have 162,000 people patrolling the American people. And it tells you where they're coming from. The FBI has been totally corrupted. Now, it could actually be called the American Stasi because its behavior is more like the German secret police than like the traditional FBI. Last night's raid was astonishing. I mean, when I first heard about it, I thought, this has got to be, you know, a joke. This can't be real.

KIRK: I thought it was a hoax. I totally agree. Someone sent it to me. I said, enough. All right.

GINGRICH: And then think about it. If they can if the FBI can send thirty agents to the home of a former president, they can do it to you to meet everybody listening to us today. This is a direct threat to freedom. And if it is allowed to stand, it is the end of the constitutional order, which, by the way, the term crossing the Rubicon – Calista and I actually went once to the Rubicon, which is a very tiny creek, but it was the symbolic border of Rome.

KIRK: That's right.

GINGRICH: And to cross the Rubicon with an armed force was to destroy the Constitution and the Caesar, who had been faced with opponents who very much like the current Justice Department, were determined to kill him. And he tried to offer them a deal, and they said no, that they would not guarantee his life. And so he brought his army across the Rubicon, basically destroyed the Constitution.

Last night. I'm certain with the attorney general's knowledge, probably with the White House's knowledge, the FBI crossed a Rubicon and declared war on the American people at such a level and with such total dishonesty. Not on Hunter Biden, not on Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton, by the way, had over a hundred secret documents on a server at her home. You never saw the FBI raid her house. Hunter, of course, was doing business with Ukraine, Russia and China. You've never seen this kind of behavior. He hasn't been perp-walked in chains the way an American college professor was at National Airport whose, by the way, whose major problem was it actually worked for Trump.

You really are now seeing the ugly face of a tyranny. And the left is so desperate, so frightened. And you're watching Trump win again. Apparently, the last votes came in and his candidate beat another of the people who had voted to impeach him. So he's now I think I think he's now defeated seven of the ten people.



GINGRICH: The next big test, of course, will be Liz Cheney, who I suspect will lose by 20 or 30 points. Yes. And she's part of this. I mean, she is part of the effort to turn the system into a basically a tyrannical, anti-conservative, anti-Republican, constant violation of the law, which is what the January 6 committee is, you know, a fake committee being covered by the fake news with a fake FBI, which, by the way, you'll notice they didn't allow anybody on the Trump side into Mar-a-Lago. So we have no idea whether or not they planted evidence.

KIRK: Yes, that's exactly right. And I have a couple of thoughts. Number one, I wish I trusted our law enforcement. You need some form of law enforcement to have a civil society, but I'm right with you. I say, oh, they're planting evidence. How, how, how disappointing of a place we are in our country where our immediate reaction is that our own law enforcement agency might be planning evidence against a former president. But, Mr. Speaker, maybe you can help me understand this. I believe that Merrick Garland is craven and evil and a bad person. I believe Christopher Wray as well. But I don't necessarily think they're dumb. I don't know if what they did yesterday was, I would consider it to be wise or strategic. What is the strategy behind this? To raid a home over a national archive dispute. What is their calculus?