Charlie Kirk and Jack Posobiec claim concern about equity is reminiscent of apartheid South Africa

Kirk: “They want to create a world where you are in a deficit if you are white”

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Citation From the February 16, 2023, edition of The Salem Radio Network's The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on YouTube

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): And Jack, here's one of the tragedies – it will create more bigotry and more stereotyping. So,


KIRK: So if you are boarding a United Airlines flight and you see a Black pilot, they are conditioning you to think, I don't know if he's there because he's a wonderful pilot, and that's not good. I don't want to live in that country. I don't want to have that kind of lens. But that will be a rational thought that someone will have because of, now, the hiring quotas and because of the way that we are now putting people in positions of authority and power. They are changing medical licensing exams. I hope everyone knows this. They are changing medical licensing exams so that it is pass-fail because different scores were used to award residencies and those were, of course, racist. One minute, Jack.

JACK POSOBIEC (GUEST): You remember this famously came up with Mindy Kaling's brother. So the famous actress Mindy Kaling came out in 2015 and says, I faked being Black, and that's how I got into medical school. This can't be – obvious they're of Indian descent, but he decided to fake being Black, was able to get into medical school, was able to go all the way through and say, there's no way that you can choose – there's no way that you can threaten me.

So, Charlie, I think the way out of this really is for everyone to just go ahead and identify with whatever you feel works for you –

KIRK: That's terrible.

POSOBIEC: If you want to identify as multiracial, as quasi racial, pseudo race, whatever. Go for it. Because who is actually going to question this? How are they going to --

KIRK: I mean --

POSOBIEC: It would be one way to break the system.

KIRK: What they call equity, is they want to create a world where you are in a deficit if you are white. That is that is the world they're trying to create. And it's really cruel to say that. But when they say equity, they're trying to make it where you have a structural disadvantage through hiring –

POSOBIEC: Almost like apartheid. 

KIRK: Of course it is. 

POSOBIEC: It almost sounds like apartheid. 

KIRK: But that is what South Africa did. South Africa took the awful, kind of, immoral approach to apartheid and they just flipped it upside down. They just said, ok, now we're going to extract revenge on the colonizers because now we're in charge. And South Africa is not a functioning country.