Charlie Kirk agrees with guest's call for a “state attorney general prosecuting George Soros” as revenge for Trump's indictment

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Citation From the March 31, 2023, edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, as streamed on YouTube

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): Some of you say, well, Charlie, there's nothing these Republicans can do. They control the DOJ, FBI. No, no, no. You're wrong. This was a local D.A. that indicted -- indicted Trump. We have thousands of Republican sheriffs, local D.A.'s, and we have well over 25 Republican A.G.s. So this is not even about the -- forget the federal government, because guess what? They just indicted Trump in a local area. So they politicize this -- okay, you indict Donald Trump in Manhattan, we indict Bill Clinton in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Figure it out. Joining us now is Kash Patel. Kash Patel is a great American. I think he sees this the way I do. Kash, your thoughts?

KASH PATEL: I love the fire this morning. I think -- you know, you said it on your show first. We do not utilize the state attorney general system the way it needs to be in this country.

KIRK: Yep.

PATEL: Why is no state attorney general prosecuting George Soros? 

KIRK: Yes.

PATEL: Are you telling me his laundered money to every political campaign he's ever participated in is crystal clean? And forget that, their playbook is they don't care about the rule of law. And I'm not saying we should discard the rule of law, but why aren't we using it and why aren't we going on offense?