Charlie Kirk: Affirmative action does not address the “real problem” of “Black crime” and Black fathers abandoning their children

Kirk: “Black crime is a huge problem no one wants to talk about”

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Citation From the July 5, 2023, edition of Real America's Voice The Charlie Kirk Show

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): Affirmative action is evil. It is immoral. It is based on two premises that are incorrect. Number one, that skin color matters. Actually three. Number two, that somehow your skin color defines your group therefore some sort of lived experience of the entire group. Not at all having any sort of understanding that you're an individual sovereign being with free will and agency. No, that you're just part of the group and that your destiny is determined. And number three, it has this weight that somehow racism and discrimination is to blame for all the problems and therefore we need racism and discrimination to solve racism and discrimination.

Now some people make this argument, they say well affirmative action is a bad way to solve a real problem. What is the real problem exactly? The real problem is that Black fathers abandon the women that they impregnate. The problem is Blacks that kill themselves a lot – kill each other in inner cities. Black crime is a huge problem no one wants to talk about. It's not racism. The problem is, and I will grant this one I don't think it's for racism to blame but it's a big problem, is the failing government schools in inner cities. Maybe we can agree on that. Where we can have school choice and actually have a real movement against the cartel unions but the Democrats don't want any of that.

I want to live in a country the Founding Fathers envisioned in the Declaration of Independence. All men created equal in the image of the divine, not the image of your skin color group.