At America Fest, Post Millenial’s Libby Emmons attacks Boston Children’s Hospital for treating trans youth

Boston Children’s Hospital has faced multiple bomb threats this year after a misleading right wing media campaign

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Citation From day three of Turning Point USA's America Fest, streamed to YouTube

LIBBY EMMONS (PANELIST): In terms of starting kids younger and younger down what they call the gender journey, which, I mean that's such garbage, we've seen that over and over. These hospitals put out promotional videos for their gender clinics like Boston Children's Hospital that put out a video that said kids know their gender identity pretty much from birth. We know that's a lie. We all know that that's just ridiculous. No kid comes out of the womb and says oh, I feel my body must be misaligned with my mind. That's not a real thing. 

And then when we show them hey, these are your words. What do you mean by this? Do you really mean that children are born in the wrong bodies? They call us hateful, they call us names. And those names are lies as well. And the thing too is, we can't compromise on this anymore. When they call you names, who cares? The truth is the truth and there's nothing for it. It's just the truth. Reality is reality and we know what it is.