Alan Dershowitz says prosecution of Trump is “a violation of the Bible”

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Citation From the March 20, 2023, edition of The Salem Radio Network's The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on YouTube

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): One of the reasons why I think this is really powerful, professor, is that you and I have lots of political differences. And -- but we both agree that the justice system, as it's designed in America, if it's properly enacted, is beautiful and is the standard of the world. And -- but there are threats to our civil liberties beyond just getting Trump. Can you talk about how this is bigger than Trump, about if you're able to do this to political opponents and dissidents, it sets a bad precedent, it allows prosecutors to go above and beyond, and it actually makes us less free?

ALAN DERSHOWITZ (GUEST): Without a doubt. There was the South American dictator who said, for my friends, everything, for my enemies, the law. You can use the law to get anybody as Justice Jackson said. Or as the KGB head said, show me the man and I'll find you the crime. This is the worst example in my 60 years of practicing criminal law, of targeting somebody for prosecution and then rummaging through the books, giving people immunity and trying to concoct a crime that doesn't exist. And if this is allowed to succeed, none of our liberties is safe. You know, today it's a Republican who's a target, tomorrow it's a Democrat. And the day after tomorrow, it's your Uncle Charlie or your nephew or your niece. There'd be no limits on what prosecutors can do to their political enemies. They're going to do it to people who are running against them for DA next. And it's just such a violation, not only a violation of American law and civil liberties, it's actually a violation of the Bible. The Bible instructs judges two things: don't take bribes, that's obvious. But the number one thing is don't recognize faces. And that's --

KIRK: That's exactly right. Yes, yes. Do not favor anyone in a court. Yes, that's exactly right. Yes. Continue. Sorry.

DERSHOWITZ: No, that's -- and that's why it violates every core of American values. So, I -- this is one of the worst prosecutions I have ever seen. Believe me, I've seen some bad prosecutions, some good ones. I've seen guilty people acquitted and innocent people convicted. But I've never quite seen a prosecution like this, where you had to staple together two unrelated statutes, one federal, one state, violate the statute of limitations, violate the rule of law, and concoct a crime.