Fox Business host likens action on climate change to primitives who “sacrifice humans” to a volcano god

Payne: “I'm not saying it exists or doesn't exist”

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Citation From the December 20, 2019, edition of Fox Business’ Varney & Co.

CHARLES PAYNE (HOST, Making Money with Charles Payne): Let me tell you something. I'm working on a book, and it's called — I'm tinkering with the title, but essentially it's "Modern-Day Volcano Gods." You know how primitive societies destroyed themselves if they lived near a volcano. They would sacrifice humans --


PAYNE: -- You know, burn down entire crops?

STUART VARNEY (HOST): Where you going with this, Charles?


PAYNE: We're on the cusp, perhaps as a nation, of sacrificing our prosperity to the volcano god of climate change. I'm not saying it exists or doesn't exist. But do we need to destroy our prosperity to appease the volcano god of climate change? I'm a little concerned about it.

VARNEY: Write that book, and I will actually buy it —

PAYNE: Good.

VARNEY: — with cold, hard cash.

PAYNE: That's a Fox Business Alert, folks!