Fox host: Julián Castro and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “only preach hopelessness to Hispanics, Blacks, and others”

Defending the CEO of Goya, Charles Paynes attacks the notion of a higher minimum wage

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Citation From the July 13, 2020, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

CHARLES PAYNE (FOX BUSINESS HOST): Let me tell you something -- you know, Hispanics love Goya. When you talk to a Hispanic person about Goya, they talk about it with a kind of pride, you know, understanding that it's, first of all, it's been the number one Hispanic business in America for years -- from scratch. It's the quintessential American success story. I mean, absolutely love it.

For [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] and Julián Castro, you know, I looked at Castro's Twitter page, it goes from early life to education to political career. What's missing in there is where he created jobs for other human beings, where he actually helped other people pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Same thing with AOC. They're trying to tear down success that was created over generations from true hard work, true sacrifice, true risk-taking.


PAYNE: All because someone has something complimentary to say of President Trump. But I think it goes further than that, you know. When I went to Goya's home page on Friday, there was a piece in there about family and the American dream. And think about this. The CEO of Goya saying that Hispanics can have success in this country -- he knows personally -- without higher minimum wage per se, without all of these other things, without the government holding their hands, he is preaching a message of attainment, of attaining the American dream. And that is the worst thing that can you do for Castro or AOC and others who only preach hopelessness to Hispanics, Blacks, and others.