Fox host calls $15 an hour “a lot of money”

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Citation From the May 19, 2021, edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto

CHARLES PAYNE (GUEST HOST): The fight for 15, well, those protests are heating up across the country today. But could this push for higher wages also lead to higher prices? Fox Business' Jeff Flock is in Chicago at the site of one of those protests. Jeff?


JEFF FLOCK (FOX BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT): Curiously enough here in Chicago and in many cities across the country, Charles, they're getting $15, at least they will in Chicago beginning in July. Already passed a $15 minimum wage. But, you know, places like Montana, West Virginia, and the hinterlands, perhaps $15 is not a minimum. It's almost a maximum. Charles?

PAYNE: It's a lot of money, certainly in those places. Jeff, thank you very much.