Fox Business host attacks teachers who donated to Bernie Sanders: “What country is this?"

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Citation From the January 2, 2020, edition of Fox Business’ Making Money with Charles Payne

CHARLES PAYNE (HOST): Wowza. Bernie Sanders raising 34-and-a-half million dollars in the final quarter of the year. The haul from nearly two million donors far exceeds the like of Pete Buttigieg — he had a great quarter himself, very impressive. So where is Sanders' money, where is it coming from? Well, the most common employers were folks who worked at Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Target, the U.S. Postal Service. But here is a little nugget that really got me worried. The most common occupation? Teachers. I mean, teachers are backing the socialist candidate? I mean, when you think about that, you have to ask yourself, what are they teaching our kids? I want to bring in Democratic strategist Kevin Chavous, along with Trump '20 senior adviser Jenna Ellis. Jenna, you know, when I saw that, I'm like, teachers — they're backing the socialist?! What country is this?! I'm confused!

JENNA ELLIS (TRUMP CAMPAIGN ADVISER): Yeah, well you know, Charles, I don't think anyone regardless of any profession should be backing socialism, whatsoever. And so I think that's a problem regardless of what profession we're talking about. But I think what's most interesting about this, and it probably speaks a lot more to the influence of the union bosses over teachers, more than anything else. So I don't think that when you look at the average teacher in America and what they are for and what they're promoting, I think it speaks a lot more to the union influence. And you know, Bernie has gotten some of those endorsements. But if you look at unions otherwise, President Trump certainly has a lot more of the backing of other types of unions. And I think that we're going to see that for the individual average American, regardless of profession —

PAYNE: Yeah.

ELLIS: — you see so much in those small campaign dollars that are going to President Trump over anyone else.