Fox Business' Charles Payne says immigrants “should be somewhere building their own nation” rather than in America

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Citation From the June 21, 2024, edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto 

CHARLES PAYNE (HOST): I want to get back to that White House statement. In addition to being shallow, it just obviously takes zero responsibility, mentions zero efforts to make sure that these things never happen again. We know that the first tool of law enforcement is deterrence, right?

That's why we build fences, that's why you may have barbed wire. That's why you have cameras. The best thing to do is to deter folks from doing something wrong in first place and therefore not having to investigate it, adjudicate it and of course not having victims. This administration doesn't appear to want to do anything to deter these things from evolving.

MARK DANNELS (GUEST): Well Charles, there's no consequences, that catch and release. And that's why you see so much frustration with border patrol agents because all it is is a catch and release game. And I'll say this, I've been in law enforcement 40 years and one thing I've been taught since day one is we harden the target, we educate, we prevent and we enforce based on hardened targets. 

Can anybody reasonably say that the border is harder now to cross than it was three and a half years ago? We all know the answer and it's not. There is no consequences come across our border.

PAYNE:  There's greater security at Disneyland. You can't get into Disneyland, you couldn't sneak in there but you can waltz -- we've seen them waltz in smiling laughing all mostly able-bodied young men who should be somewhere building their own nation.