Fox's Charles Hurt: Trump “absolutely should pardon everybody that has been caught up in this political witch hunt” after the election

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Citation From the February 13th, 2020, edition of Fox News' Outnumbered

LESLIE MARSHALL (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR):  Look, to your point, Melissa, my problem here is, can we even come to an agreement that maybe the sentencing recommendation was harsh or strong, possibly, but that does not negate what he did, it does not mean that he didn't do wrong, and even if the Attorney General William Barr was acting with integrity, the president's actions seem to be over the line with his tweets and his comments, and the timing of it, I think honestly it makes the attorney general look like his political lapdog. Even if he has integrity and that is not the case, the president isn't helping the attorney general. 

CHARLES HURT (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): It's not like he grounded Attorney General William Barr's plane on a tarmac and secretly went out and put pressure on him, right? He didn't do that. He publicly said -- and this is what the president always does, and I give them a lot of leeway for this -- the president has a voice, he can use it. And when he gets into trouble for making public statements about what he wants to see get done, that's a political discussion, that's a political question. That's great.

MARSHALL: You think the president should weigh in on the sentencing of any individual? 

HURT: Sure. I have no problem with it. Not only that, the president needs to focus on getting reelected, but after the election I think he absolutely should pardon everybody that has been caught up in this political witch hunt. It's absurd.