Fox News contributor: Ruth Bader Ginsburg didn't belong on the Supreme Court

Charles Hurt: “I happen to think that she did not belong on the Supreme Court” because of her activism

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Citation From the September 19, 2020, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends Saturday

WILL CAIN (CO-HOST): We'll get to the politics in just a moment, but I wanted to get your thoughts, your reflections on the passing of Justice Ginsburg.

CHARLES HURT (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Well, truly, truly an icon, without a doubt. I think anyone who watched the documentaries about her, in particular -- this one, not a documentary, but it was a wonderful movie called On the Basis of Sex -- you couldn't help but come away with a tremendous admiration for Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her intellect and all she accomplished. Now, whether or not you thought she belonged on the Supreme Court given her enthusiastic activism, both judicially and politically -- and I happen to think that she did not belong on the Supreme Court for those reasons -- you couldn't help but really admire her.