WaPo's David Ignatius Calls Out “Squabbling” GOP Candidates For Complaining About The Media

Ignatius: “People Are Looking For Someone Who Can Be Commander In Chief,” Not Someone Who “Whines About Media Coverage”

From the November 8 edition of CBS' Face The Nation:

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JOHN DICKERSON: David I play that because it seems like he's in a sweet spot before a nominee gets named where he can kind of have fun at the Republicans' expense. What did you make of it?

DAVID IGNATIUS: I thought it was a great line and I thought there some was truth to it. The Republican debate may have been a disaster for the media asking the questions, but I didn't think the Republican candidates came out very well. And all the squabbling, 'unfair, oh the media is so mean, they're asking nasty questions,' I think that makes the Republican candidates -- it diminishes them. And, if they stay on that, that may work with some Republican primary base voters, but I can't imagine it's going to be effective with the electorate as a whole. People are looking for someone who can be commander in chief, and that's not the person who whines about media coverage.


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