Stephen Colbert Ridicules The NRA For Inserting Guns Into Children's Fairy Tales

From the March 31 edition of CBS' The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

STEPHEN COLBERT: I know I've got some viewers out there who are young parents with small kids, and you probably read your kids fairy tales to put them to sleep. And I love that, because fairy tales are a great way to teach children important moral lessons. Or, if they fall asleep before the happy ending, a great way to emotionally scar them for the rest of their lives. Snow White trusted the old woman, bit the apple and died. Night, night honey. Turns out, the National Rifle Association loves fairy tales, too. This is true. On the NRA website -- I believe it's -- they've posted -- check it out, I'm not sure -- they have posted, and this is true, new firearm-friendly versions of classic fairy tales, like Little Red Riding Hood Has a Gun and Hansel and Gretel Have Guns.


I think the NRA should apply these gun updates to all classic literature. For instance,what about Of Mice and Men? Lenny loved his little puppy so much, he didn't realize how tightly he was squeezing it until the puppy pulled a gun and Lenny backed off. Or how about the children's classic, Everybody Poops ... Involuntarily After Being Shot. Or, To Kill a Mockingbird, now more of a hunting manual.


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