Stephen Colbert Calls Out The Media For Declaring Sanders, Rubio, Cruz Winners But Not Clinton

Colbert: The GOP South Carolina “Primary Had More Winners Than A Little League Awards Banquet”

From the February 22 edition of CBS's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

STEPHEN COLBERT: On Saturday, Democrats caucused in Nevada and in Nevada, which I've recently learned was the same state. And once the votes were counted in Nevada, many were asking could Hillary Clinton recover from such a debilitating victory.


COLBERT: Yeah, tough win. I don't know how many more humiliating wins she can take. When she announced, Hillary seemed inevitable. Now it's been almost a year, she's still not president? What a letdown. Of course for Bernie, this was a triumphant defeat. As he wrote his supporters, he leaves Nevada “with roughly the same number of delegates as Hillary Clinton.” Yes, just like in the Super Bowl where the victorious Carolina Panthers left with roughly the same number of points as Denver. Also -- it's true, it's true. Also on Saturday, the Republicans held their Nevada primary in South Carolina. I did not see that coming. Donald Trump was declared the state's big winner by himself weeks ago, and the voters said, yeah, ok, that sounds good. But that was just the electoral victory. Many in the media see a different winner.


COLBERT: Yes, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz also came out on top. This primary had more winners than a Little League awards banquet. That's right Jeremy, you win coolest nickname for your bat. Congratulations to you and Wooden Thunder. Of course, of all the winners, possibly the biggest winner was the man who won, Donald Trump. So now the obvious question is will he ever not win?


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