NY Times' Kantor: Ailes Lawsuit “The Most Consequential Sexual Harassment Suit We've Ever Seen In American History”

Jodi Kantor: “It's Already Had So Many Ripple Effects ... More And More Women Are Coming Forward”

From the August 3 edition of CBS' CBS This Morning

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NORAH O'DONNELL (HOST): I guess the question, too, what Donald Trump said in this interview, too, that Ivanka would find another career or find another company. The suggestion that it's the woman's responsibility on her own to remove herself from a situation where she is being sexually harassed. Is that the right way to look at it? 
RIKKI KLEIMAN: Well of course it's the wrong way to look at it completely because although Ivanka Trump or other women who are fortunate enough to be in a financially secure situation may be able to go find another job. But most of the world cannot. 
O'DONNELL: But Jodi, one of the most amazing things I think, coming out of the Fox News story is that Rudi Bakhtiar, who was a correspondent, reported the sexual harassment and then was retaliated against for reporting it to human resources and up the chain of command. 

JODI KANTOR: That is absolutely the fear. I've never seen a sexual harassment lawsuit play out the way the Ailes one has so far. I think it's safe to say, I wonder if you would agree, that this is the most consequential sexual harassment suit we've ever seen in American history because it's already had so many ripple effects and it hasn't even really hit the courtroom yet. These are still at the allegation level. And yet more and more women are coming forward. 


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