Has Bob Schieffer ever asked a worse question?

Of course Schieffer leaves out all the context when he hypes the “Latina woman” quote from Sonia Sotomayor. That's to be expected. That has become a cardinal rule within the Beltway. Because the only way to keep the phony 'racist" debate afloat is to leave out all context and fool news consumers into thinking Sotomayor was making some sort of wild, sweeping statement about Latina judges being superior to white male judges. The press must to leave out the fact that Sotomayor was specifically addressing discrimination cases when she made the “Latina woman” claim.

Fine, Schieffer purposefully left out all context. He had no choice because it's a Village thing. But Schieffer then went one better by asking a Republican senator if Sotomayor's “Latina woman” comment would be “enough to keep her from being confirmed as a justice on the Supreme Court.”

Keep in mind that you can't find four Republican senators on the record today opposing Sotomayor, but Schieffer wants to know if her nomination is doomed--if every Republican senator will oppose her and be joined by scores of Democrats--because of the “Latina woman” quote.

Is someone can find a dumber question ever asked by Schieffer, we'd like to hear it.