GOP Rep. Who Pushed 60 Minutes' Benghazi Story Thinks “Their Error Is On Them”

One Republican lawmaker who cited the recent 60 Minutes Benghazi story as a reason to appoint a select committee on the 2012 attack has no regrets about championing a report that has since been retracted.

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) had previously said the 60 Minutes story, including information provided by the now-discredited “witness” Dylan Davies, demonstrated the need for a select committee to be appointed to investigate Benghazi. His press secretary, Jill Shatzen, said the CBS report's dissolution had not changed his position.

“He definitely still wants a select committee,” she told Media Matters just hours after 60 Minutes had acknowledged the story was wrong and apologized. “Our position on Benghazi hasn't changed. What happened with the 60 Minutes piece is on CBS and 60 Minutes.” She said Wolf had been urging a select committee “long before the 60 Minutes piece came out anyway. There are several things that came out in the media pointing to the need for a select committee.”

Asked if he regretted citing the 60 Minutes story as a reason for the select committee to be formed, Shatzen said, “He can't really regret that. Their error is on them. He would focus on the other news reports that came out. Even other parts of the 60 Minutes piece, not just that one guy.”

CBS pulled the October 27 report following the revelation that the “witness” to the attack featured in the piece had previously said he never reached the compound while the attack was underway.

Media Matters reached out to four other GOP lawmakers who either cited the October 27 piece to promote their push for investigations into Benghazi or praised it via social media.

The offices of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Rep, Darrell Issa (R-CA), Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA.), and Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), all of whom previously highlighted the report, did not respond to requests for comment.