Fox News: “We Stand By Our Reporting On Benghazi”

Following the collapse of CBS News' 60 Minutes report on the 2012 Benghazi attacks, Fox News, which cited 60 Minutes' now-discredited “eyewitness” for some of its Benghazi coverage, is standing by the accuracy of its reporting. CBS News' withdrawal of the story has been largely ignored by Fox News, even though Fox enthusiastically promoted the 60 Minutes story and boasted that it validated the network's own reporting on Benghazi.

CBS News withdrew the story and 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan apologized to viewers after it was revealed that their Benghazi “eyewitness,” British security contractor Dylan Davies, had given contradictory statements about whether he was actually present for the attack on the diplomatic compound. On October 28, the day after the report aired, Fox News devoted 13 segments -- totaling 47 minutes -- to promoting the 60 Minutes story.

Washington Post reporter Paul Farhi wrote in a November 9 article that “CBS's withdrawal of the story not only undermined its reporting, but that of Fox News, which apparently relied on Davies as a source for stories that have challenged the Obama administration's account of events.” Farhi quoted Fox News executive vice president of news Michael Clemente defending his network's coverage: “We stand by our reporting on Benghazi, and given what is still unknown, we anticipate further fact finding from those who know the truth about what took place on 9/11/12.”

Erik Wemple, the Post's media blogger, noted that after the 60 Minutes report first aired, Fox News correspondent Adam Housley acknowledged on-air that some of the network's Benghazi coverage from 2012 had cited Davies, but they “stopped speaking to him when he asked for money.” Wemple specifically noted a November 3, 2012, Fox News report that referenced “the Blue Mountain Security manager,” a possible reference to Davies, who was working for Blue Mountain Security at the time. As Housley put it, Davies' 60 Minutes appearance “kind of reaffirm[ed] the fact that this attack was vicious.”

After spending so much time promoting 60 Minutes' story and using it to praise their own reporting, Fox News spent just 26 seconds on the story's collapse. “CBS is backing off a report on 60 Minutes -- we told you about last week -- that relied on a source whose credibility has crumbled,” Special Report host Bret Baier told viewers on November 8.