Fox Host Kurtz Criticizes CBS Analyst Frank Luntz For Lack Of Disclosure

CBS Analyst Frank Luntz Confronted About Lack Of Disclosure

Fox News host Howard Kurtz criticized CBS News political analyst Frank Luntz for failing to disclose during a CBS appearance about a congressional election that Luntz had previously been a paid consultant for the candidate.

“I think you should have,” Kurtz said during an August 10 interview with Luntz on his #MediaBuzz media criticism program, “because it just would have been leveling with the audience, hey, this is not some stranger.”

Luntz discussed then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's (R-VA) surprise primary defeat on the June 11 edition of CBS This Morning, calling the loss “a blow for conversation” that is “bad for the country” because Cantor was “a pipeline to Americans who just wanted people to get things done.” But neither he nor CBS acknowledged that Cantor's campaign had paid Luntz's company more than $15,000 in fees, as Media Matters documented.

Asked by Kurtz about the lack of disclosure, Luntz said that while “People raised that as an issue,” he did not think it was necessary because he was introduced by CBS “as a Republican.”

Luntz's excuse is consistent with that of a CBS spokesperson who told The Washington Post's Erik Wemple in June that the network had provided sufficient disclosure because Luntz's “work as a strategist for Republicans was disclosed on the broadcast.”

But as Wemple noted, “When it comes to getting people to say favorable things about other people, there's nothing like a consultant-client relationship to facilitate things. When money changes hands, journalism ethics must pay heed.” Media ethicists agreed in interviews with Media Matters, ripping CBS News for “outrageous” behavior that could be considered “not only bad, but corrupt.”

CBS has had repeated disclosure issues with Luntz, whose work for Republican candidates frequently creates a conflict of interest in his on-air analysis.